About us

The track back in November 2016The Pattaya Track is under new management in 2017. First of all we'd like to express our big thanks to Charlie who has allowed us to bring this fantastic facility back to life.
We are two Scandinvaian guys together with "Rat" from the original PRC crew.
We started working on the track in late 2016.
It almost looked like a jungle out there and a lot of work was spent cutting grass and cleaning up.

The past months have been spent on restoring, rebuilding, repairing, repainting, removing and the result can be seen here below. We're still improving the track and doing repairs since it's a constant work but the track is 100% race ready!

The track in January 2016

News update March 21, 2017: The previous surface was hard as concrete and will be replaced with proper dirt/clay. See photos of the rebuild process here!
News update April 18, 2017: The rebuild is finished and we have a new clay surface! The track is open!

We can be reached on:
prcbuggy [@] gmail.com | www.facebook.com/pitstoprc7/
We are located here: